Just Another Day In Paradise
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2004-03-03 05:26:42 (UTC)


Yeah...I've been terribly sick for three weeks now, I've
seen 4 different doctors and it's just getting incredibly
old. Today was my Mommy's birthday and she told me that
what she wanted was for me to get well :( I haven't gone
to school for a solid week in three weeks! Argh! I'm
missing so much and I was doing so well this semester.
I'm excited that the symphonic band got straight 1's! and
I got to see an old friend, Fluteboy! An awesome guy I met
at All-District 2 years ago. Yesterday and today have
been the worst, my tummy hurt so bad yesterday I wanted to
just curl up in a ball and not move, but I talked my
parents out of taking me to the emergency room on the
promise that I would stay home today. Argh I missed the
writing test and everything, this semester is so
hopeless. I spent the whole day sleeping on the couch
feeling absolutely horrible and waking up to the sound of
my cheery family members and friends calling to wish my
Mom a happy birthday on the answering machine. I actually
stood at the top of my stairs tonight thinking about
falling down them on purpose, weird huh? Unconscious
would've been better at the time though, I promise! Well,
it's late and I actually get to go to school tomorrow so
yeah, that's all for now folks!