forever 17

silent wishes
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2004-03-03 05:14:01 (UTC)

drenched rats

sewer rats tp be more exact. it started raining today
after 3rd period and by the time 4th was over, there was a
steady flow of water. the bandroom is loctaed on the outer
realms of the world or so it seems, and it takes forever to
walk up a slick, muddy hill in the rain. and so by the time
we got back up to civilization, well, rather, the school, i
was soggy and squishy. flip-flops are not meant to be worn
in the rain. and then i stood around and talked to all the
little people standing huddled under the entrance to the
school, because they were afraid of getting wet. there's an
old song called "I'm Only Happy When It Rains", and altho
it only partially applies, i still love the rain, which
furthered my desire to stand out in it and look like a
dork. when wet under un-natural circumstances, my fair
begins to curl and wave, and with it being so long its
quite a mess to deal with afterwards. but yes, so i decided
to stand out in the middle of the eventually pouring rain,
and after sometime, i acheved the look of a Drenched Sewer
Rat, what with my hair matted down and going every which
way but right, and standing around in flip-flops. but my
boyfriend told me i look pretty when i'm soggy, so that
made it even better.

strange as it is, it only seems to rain when there's
something thats bothering me a good bit. but i love it
anyway. i dont know why tho, because it seems that, in the
debate of rain vs. sun and pretty outside, the rain would
seem depressing. i dont think so, but there's a lot that
do. i wonder why...anyway, the whole point of this was to
make the statement that it rained today and i aquired the
look of a Drenched Sewer Rat. no not really, it was really
to pass time and see if my boyfriend, or anybody for that
matter was going to get online, but i dotn think there's
anybody coming, seeing as it's after midnight. i should
probably go to bed, because we have band festival tomorrow
and in order for me to get a bath and get ready before my
boyfriend comes to pick me up, i have to get up at 4:45.
gee, that gives me all of alittle over 4 and 1/2 hours of
sleep, assuming i fell dead asleep 10 minutes yea,

forever 17

oh, i've been meaning to type, say or whatever, this for
awhile. our band director was talking the other day and
going on and on about assuming things. the girl beside me
leaned over and said "yea. when you assume things you make
an ass out of you and me." i'm probably the only person in
the world that has never heard that until then, but i
thought it was the funniest thing. anyway, enough with the