listen to my silences
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2004-03-03 05:09:10 (UTC)

the concert was awesome!!!

i met her on sunday. went over to brandon's. tiff went
with me. i wasn't sure how he'd feel about that but when i
tried to call him to tell him she was coming he was in the
shower. it was kind of nice to have someone there for
me...just in case i guess. although it wasn't needed.
because britt's really cool. a whole bunch of us played
volleyball at sertoma and i had a lot of fun just hanging
out with her. it was...weird...i guess is the word. but
cool too. she's going to go canoeing with us...whoever's
going this year. i even stopped making fun of brandon
because of her age. which is a big thing. that's how cool
i am with her. so...yeah...anyways...

i'm really sore from volleyball. evidently not as bad as
some people are. i busted a blood vessel on my wrist and
hurts like hell. my forearms are a little bruised still.
and my left buttcheek hurts. odd combination, i know. my
legs aren't sore. tiff said it's probably because i've
been helping out with guard so i've gotten limber again. i
would have to say that she's probably right. she had a
good time too. surprised herself i do believe.

speaking of good times...

OMIGOSH the concert was FREAKIN AWESOME!!! i can't even go
into how much it just ROCKED OUT!!! story of the year,
hoobastank, p.o.d., and linkin park. they were all great.
our seats were awesome. we could see everything. brandon
asked me which one i thought put on the best show, and i
don't have a favorite. honestly, i LOVED them all. if you
get a chance to go see the lp meteora tour featuring the
other three bands, GO FOR IT. seriously, you won't regret
anything about it. brandon was even surprised at how good
it was. oh ye of little faith. lol. we had an awesome
time. if you want more details, ask. it's too much to put
on here. as always i was the navigator and the driver-
keeper-awaker. lol. we went to steak and shake afterwards
so he could get something in him to help him stay awake
because megan plus wet road plus at night isn't always a
great equation. i was bad and had a cherry coke. but yum
it was so very good. oh, and i learned how to say cherry...


today was...i don't know. today just was. it was hard. i
almost got upset. i'm not sure if it was crying upset or
mad upset or what. it say the
least. i need to talk to you about it. i'm not sure if i
will be able to or not. we'll see i guess. it depends a
lot on whether or not you want me to.

final thought: i fell out of a tree the other day.