Finding our Path
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2004-03-03 04:56:34 (UTC)


I lost it yesterday for the most part. These girls came in
the library, and wanted help finding stuff on women
workers. I found some stuff in one of the library
databases; infotrac. I thought I helped them just fine. But
then they asked the librarian for help. I was like, "What,
did you not find any articles out of the 1200 that came
up?" They said, "no". I just shook my head and walked away.
That was my first mistake; I should have never done that
infront of a patron; that’s a cardinal mistake.

Then a teacher called, and asked to speak to a librarian.
That always bugs me. If they need to talk to a librarian,
fine; but they can atleast have the politness to ask me the
question, instead of just assuming I don't know the answer.
That is what bother's me…just assuming that because I don't
have a degree, or because I'm not as old as the librarians
are, they can just assume that I'm stupid. After the
librarian talked to them, she asked me to help her with the
question. That is where I got mad, and said, "No, these
teachers need to learn that we can help them also." That is
where I went wrong. The librarian wasn't mad, but I just
shouldn't have said that; it was unprofessional.

So today, I send the librarian an eMail apoligizing for my
unprofessionalism. She resonded, "We all have off days."
It's nice to know that people will forgive ya. :)