C'est moi and I'm not french
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2004-03-03 04:49:13 (UTC)

slitting my wrists with music

What can i say... let me start out with whats going on in
my life and then maybe i can desribe my feelings... not
like anyone cares... so this day sucked.. we had a short
day and me and keri were sort of fighting because we both
think the other has super horrible taste in guys... and so
that wasn't fun... and ive realized that me and deannahs
friendship is over... she has finally movedon.... i guess i
just suck as a friend.. and i dont know... i cant alk to
her about like me and school because she thinks i am a
genious... so if i say something she feels bad about
herself... she gets freakin 100 dollars a month to spend on
whatever she wants... i just have no one to talk to.... my
parents are all parenty... paul is in love with me so i
cant talk to him about boy troubles... keri hates me right
now.. deannah doesn't give two shits about me... i mean...
i dont mean to be all bitchy and whiney but the only thing
that keeps me going is the knowledge that i can go wherever
i want to college and get away from all this... start
over... i just want to be something... anything at all.. i
want to make a difference and do something... i... i wish i
had someone who understood me... understood what im going
through with out thinking im stupid or whatever... time to
musically slit my writs...

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