goddess of imaginary light
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2004-03-03 02:21:39 (UTC)

oh the insanity

so im sick, really sick and it sucks ass
the last couple of days ive missed alot of my classes
made it to my test gonna try to be better
i did all my homework finally
oh!! but i did watch high fidelity that ben burned for me
ive been wanting to watch that agin for a long time
i feel like shit tho...but it was nice to sit on my
i need to go to the doctor, but its not gonna happen cause
i have no one to take me...
oh...i saw ben today and he didnt even say hi to me...what
a smack in the face....i couldnt believe it
i told shawna
i also think its funny how im friends with tony now and
not with ben...oh well, i guess thats what
least i still have tony *sniff* *sniff* :)

*cough* *cough* god i feel like im gonna die.....just make
it quick

oh!! i talked to Mike Sullivan today and he has no
girlfriend anymore!! its about time, it suprised em he got
one anyways...but i hope to see him when i go back to
vegas for spring break...we'll see how that goes...