You Can't Go Home Again
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2004-03-03 02:21:18 (UTC)

Thank you, Whitie.

Denver wasn't all that bad. However, lots of time was
spent hoping she would walk past me, or through the door. I
knew it wasn't possible, but it's not a terrible thing to
I got 3 CD's, and 4 Vinyl. I almost got hit by a bus,
flipped a snow mobile, and still had enough time to enjoy
the bumpy plane ride home. And worry. I've come to realize
that I don't even care if I die anymore. What worries me is
if shewould die. If she would come down with lung cancer,
or if her car would sponteously burst into flames. Or if
she got pumped full of lead by that kid. Keeping her alive,
that's all I want.
I like thinking about marrying her. Thinking about all the
adventures we would have. And even the adventures we could
and might have if we don't get married.
Haven't gotten lost in awhile.

Bands doin okay. No practice this friday, niether pat nor
vincent can do anything. Which means that most likely david
scott and I will jam. Maybe mike will want to come too.
That'ed be cool.

'spose that's all.