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2004-03-03 01:17:16 (UTC)

2nd day of hell

so, this is what its like to write in a diary? well so my
second day of hell well yesterday it all started at school
when one of my friends were being, hecka mean then lunch
was stupid as well then i came home and there was my
wonderful phone bill well yes the dreaded phone bill...
$500 thats what it was yea my mom went freaken crazy!!!
then my best friend in the whle wide world also a former
boyfriend david decided that everything thats been between
us in the past couple of years is over gone out the door.
really his exact words were, "im glad were just friends".
that freaken sucks all in one day. and then today i had no
phone i felt so naked oh im stuck in a big problem to
alright theres like a bunch of guys that i really have
feelings for but i dont know who to go for someone please
help!k heres the scoop:
DAVID: a good friend my very first love
FLAVIO: another good friend but more calm laid back but
more of a brother if anything.
GREG: oh hes so sext you dont even know but, hes to stuck
on his first love Dana
JOSH: i grew up with him and he only wants me for sex.
well those are my choices so many right not! so ive been
thinking k i want to write a story and its going to be
about the comparison of the holocaust and ceres high
school. k heres the outline:( oh yea no one get offended im
just exercising my freedom of speech.)k the jewish people
had identification numbers imprinted on their arms now at
high schools your given an identfication number to memerize
and you hve to know this number. also theres security guard
that are known as hall nazis to me. they stop you pull out
there pad of paper and take down your special number this
drives me freaken crazy as well. well gotta go.
xoxo terri