2004-03-03 00:43:13 (UTC)

Look, its either me... or God

LoL wow i crack myself up. I am such a slacker, i amaze
myself sometimes. so much has been going on lately just
haven't found the time to write in this S.O.B. well, i
started tutoring at Erpenbeck for Math Honor Society.. its
the 3rd week, and i've gone once, lol, go me. The little
kids drive me nuts! And plus, i find it hard to volunteer,
i'm the kind of person where, if i do work, i HAVE to be
getting something out of it (in other words.. money) Um
anyway, tennis has started up. I've still got it ;) lol,
todays practice went really well and i can't wait until our
first match.. although its not till the beg. of APRIL! so i
have lots and lots of time to prepare for those notre dame
bitches... today's practice was fun because it was a
beautiful day out! finally we could practice w/o bundling
up! my serve and ground strokes were looking amazing too.
It was funny because usually when wendy and i play, she
takes care of the net and i cover the baseline and i didn't
want to volley so julie (my coach) had me stand up at the
net, and have everyone on the team go for 5 min, taking
turns hitting balls AT me as hard as they could so i had to
protect the court and myself and volley them back. it was
great! but the BEST part was when we were playing a match
(wendy and i against liz and katie) and wendy and i
kept "coughing" like Lorraine from mad tv! UM after
practice i drove out to my old house to pick some stuff up,
it was fun driving around with my windows down, sunglasses
on and bass blaring... gotta love it! OH in two weeks, i'm
going to have the best time ever. I'm going to the Trapt
concert on the 16th and the Three Days Grace concert on the
20th, thats going to be so awesome!! um, brett had surgery
last week on his wrist, lol, its been funny bc i'm like his
mother. i took him to his freakin dr. appt yesterday when
he got his cast! lol and i have to help him buckle up and
fix his collar on his shirt, etc. i'm such a good friend..
lol OHH the other day.. i went to the Fizzgig concert with
Brett, Zach and their friend Mike.. it was a lot of
fun! 'cept i had to leave at 10:40 bc my curfew is 11 bc i
got introuble. but they were amazing and i wanna go see
them again!
well i gotta jet but i'll update later bc i have more free
time due to the fact i ONLY work on sundays lol.. leave me
a note!


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