What I really THINK
2004-03-02 23:50:26 (UTC)


My name isn't mackenzie, I'm using it to seal my
identity. I'm 19, an aquarious. I have two younger
sisters, two dogs and I live with both my parents. I go
to a community college, I suck at math and am changing my
major from the medical field to the busniess field. I'm
bipolar, I'm bulimic. I have friends that I don't trust
and I see a therapist (as of yestersday for the first time
in a few months). I am singe, I love sex, I'v had sex
with what I know is too many guys. I worry a lot, I think
a lot. I smile when I hurt, I laugh when I'm nervous and
I luv luv luv smoking weed. I'm a waitress at a chain
resturant in the philadelphia area and i love to shop. I
love the beach, I love to ski, I'm pretty independant and
responcible. I actually feel likle some old head writing
in this diary, becuase when I read what others had writen,
it sounded like everyone was still in high school. If
anyone reads this, and graduated high school and can
relate to me, let me know. I love feedback.
love ME