Baby Doll

'Tha Blonde Goddess'
2004-03-02 23:25:38 (UTC)

why he died and what were gonna do

Hey people. well we found out that my grandpa died of an
aortic aneurysm and nothing would have changed. it
was just his time. we are going to have a funeral though.
its gonna be in about a month. were gonna have him
cremated now and in april when my aunt barbara (his
sister) and my uncle jack (aunt babes husband) come down.
theres a national cemitary in florida for verterans and
were gonna have him buried there with a flag and their
gonna play taps and i think my mum said something like a
12 or 21 (not sure) gun salute. idk. but we are having a

so we kno what he died of and what were gonna do.