Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2004-03-02 22:24:44 (UTC)

Bizarre Sleep Happening.

I was dreaming a bit last night. One involving a police
tour of Belfast with a really cheeky paper boy from the
shop I use in a morning. (I saw him out of context
yesterday is why. He was in Jarrold's at lunchtime. It was
(a touch) odd.

But then I had a REALLY odd (even for me dream). I was
stood in a classroom with Paul O'Grady, who is Lily Savage
in another life, and we were discussing something with
some words written on the board.

Gradually, it turned out we were naming a child we had. I
don't know how, he's a dude - as am I - but bear with it.

We called the child

Iain - His choice. I remember asking "one I or two?"
Michael - My choice, from my boy's name for years now -
no...that's too direct.
Copernicus - We spent a while debating whether Copernicus'
failures would taint his school life...not if being called
Copernicus would just taint his life in total.

Still. That was it. It was wierd....sorry, I just dropped
a load of pants.

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