I see the light
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2004-03-02 20:56:01 (UTC)

Sitting Down with the Lord

Dear Diary,
I am in an office sitting down with the Lord. My life has
taken a sharp turn which has brought me to my knees and in
turn I have found faith in the Lord again. My career has
been something very important in my life. So important
that I started to have faith in it and my God and my
children were not so important anymore. My priorities were
all mixed up and I knew in my heart it was all wrong but I
ignored all the signs. I ignored HIM. I felt His
presence... I felt His knudge of acknowledgement,
saying "Hey don't forget about me.." but still I ignored
Him. A couple of days ago in not so subtle ways... the
Lord has somewhat taken what was "important" in my life.
My career is on the line and I am on my knees asking for
forgiveness. I am asking for forgiveness for the sins I
have committed,and for my children that I have neglected
and not giving thanks to the One that has given me all my
Ever since the news of my career, I have talked to the Lord
more than once a day to find the peace, to find some
understanding and to be a fair God to me. I have asked for
peace... He has given me that... I asked for guidance with
my children... He has given me that... I asked for someone
to take me to church with them... and behold...someone I
never knew came and knocked on my back door and one thing
led to another and on Sunday morning I was headed to Bible
Study and Church. The Lord works in so many wonderful and
amazing ways.."Ask and you shall receive, knock and door
shall be opened" If we have faith.. wonderful things will
happen in our lives. I see things in a whole different
light and the Lord is making me see all of it. My children
are much happier and calmer, now that there is a peace in
our household. Whatever the outcome of my career... I will
have faith that He knows what he is doing and I pray for
patience. It is hard sometimes to sit and wait for the
outcome and I sit talking with Him for peace.. I have found
understanding but now I wait... The Lord keeps me company
during my time of "darkness" and I pray He holds my hand
throughout all of this....

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