hannace's life
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2001-10-09 08:21:17 (UTC)


Hello.....let me introduce myself first, I am Hannace (of
course, it's not my real name) from Bangkok, Thailand. I am a
university student...4th year, have another term to go, yeah!
I had my last exam yesterday (world civilization) it was tough!
I didn't get enough sleep the night before the exam...so I was
deadly tired lastnight. Today I got up at 7:30 and tried to
work on my photoalbum but I didn't work due to the slow
connection and some problems with MSN community. :(
Let me tell more about myself.....
I learnt Chinese and Japanese but have stopped for a big
while because of the workload at university. If anyone knows
Mandarin/Cantonese/Japanese, you can teach me via email,
I have been staying in my bedroom since I woke up....trying
to cope up with the online photo album problems. But I have
to go soon. If I don't forget (not too busy) I will try to write
something everyday!
or you write me some comments, okay?
have a good day! bye~