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2004-03-02 09:16:47 (UTC)

Juz what am i doin?

Silly me, i started a blog but i didnt even enter
any...tht's lyk d moz clumziest thing i ever did. So here i
am F-I-N-A-L-L-Y!! Heh.
Played pool with sharul n firdaus juz now. Cool, coz i
played crap rather. My pool skills are rusty. Yikes. Afta
tt i went to Bp to get dihar's b'dae pressie.
I saw fir, fadhil, rafiz along wit firdaus. Gosh!! He's
wearin shorts coz they're gonna play takraw. But Shorts??
Not to mention tt he has got leg hairs.
Im talkin to Muralee now. He's so persistent in askin
me to read it out. I did finally coz he's so persistent.
He's a really nice guy. Really nice, n clever. He scored 13
for d O lvl's. While mine's 19. Thats sooo darn bad. Haiz.
He makes a good friend. Really, he was dere for me when hus
gave me problems, major problems.
Er...I cant concentrate!! i cant talk n type at d same.
So, muralee, yeah...ur a hindrance. hehe kiddin. I swear i
really am kiddin.

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