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2004-03-02 06:06:47 (UTC)


I had a bit of free time tonight. I just got some rest and
watched a bit of TV. I was watching a show about a girl
who died in a fire. She was playing a joke to get her mom
upset, thinking that she ran away, when all she did was
hide in the closet. The girl had a younger brother who was
laying down in bed sick. Before the girl played the trick,
she left her scarf above a rounded floor stove and told her
brother not to tell the mother where she was. Anyway the
house caught fire, the girl died in the closet and the
mother rescued only the boy. The girl came back after 6
months as a spirit to haunt the mother, who she hated fo
rnot rescuing her, and tried to kill her brother in the
hospital, who was in a coma for the past 6 months.
It just makes me think that if ppl believe in ghost n
stuff, then how come they dont see any, even if they arent
tied into their lives. I always wondered if I would ever
see my Great-Grandpop Larry, who I never met; or my Great-
Grandmom W., who died a few days after Christmas 3 yrs
ago. I dont know if the superstition of (WHEN U GET A
YOU) is true, because if they were, dont u think they would
cast an image of themselves or suttin for you???
I guess what I'm really sayin is that I been thinking of a
few ppl that I loss in my family and i wish there was a way
to communicate with them. But I guess it's sometimes
better not to. Either that or they dont want to be tied
into my life, but maybe they are either tied into another
family member's life, or they just accepted their death and
moved on in heaven. Out Like a Boner In Sweatpants

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