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2004-03-02 03:32:12 (UTC)

Cheat Day

Sunday was my cheat day. I finally got to go to a
restraunt and order whatever the hell I wanted to. And
thats exactly what I did. Jack took me to The Chessecake
Factory and I ordered Spicy Cashew Chicken and Choclate
Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Cheesecake. I also had some
bread (real bread) or appetizer. Jack got White Chocolate
Rasberry Truffel for dessert and it was so good. His was
so much better than mine. I ate some of his too. After
that we came home and went to bed; we had eaten so much we
were very tired. Then this morning I weighted a pound and
a half more. A pound and a half just for one meal?!?!
But.. it was so fucking worth it. I would definitly do it
agian. But not yet. It's Monday night right now and me and
Jack just got done doing what we do best. Fucking. My
grandma took the whole family out for my dads birthdy
dinner and then Alex had a 7:30 and 9 oclock game so we
went to the 7:30 game and then came home with a for sure
hour and a half without anybody on their way home so we
screwed. It was much needed too. I have been on the rag
for the past week so we got no ass all that time. It was
so good. I really think I had a orgasm this time. Can you
believe it? Not me. It was really good for Jacky too but
his orgasm wasn't that good for him. Now I think it's time
for bed because I am very worn out. But I think I should
let my bed air out a little becasue I'm sure it's still
damp from the sweat and girl cum that got all over it. The
sex really was great tho. Awww. I needed that. Well, I'll
write more later, once something else exciting happens. I
really hope "Cheat Day" dosen't become a habit. Hehe!

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