Mark Gittner

Gay Guy juggles his life struggles.
2004-03-02 02:21:40 (UTC)

poems on enlightenment

I was talking to a friend recently about the path of
enlightenment. I figure
the goal of enlightenment is happiness, right? internal
peace? well, my
thought was, if enlightenment is happiness, and ignorance
is bliss, than
only ignorance is enlightenment...

I wrote 2 poems about my thoughts...


Seeker of water
Seeker of shade
Find the bringer
The Bringer
The danger
The ecstacy and pain

Find it where
Find it there
Theres the dancer
The Dancer
The rhyme
To the darkness and light

I'll never tell
I'll always know
Theres the truth
The Truth
The deception
Of the light in darkness

Ceator of music
Creator of discord
MAke the dream
The Dream
The place
Where light is darkness

See the path
See the invisible
Make the choice
The choice
Know All
Light and dark are one.

Of Knowledge

I know evrything
I know nothing
Yet nothing I know
is known to be nothing

I know nothing
I know Everything
Yet knowing nothing
Feels like everything is known

I know me
I know you
Yet you know that I know
That you know I know

I know you
I know me
Yet the you I know isn't
the you you know to be you

I know truth
I know lies
Yet the truth I know
Truthfully lies in the lies

I know lies
I know truth
Yet the lies arfe often
Truth disguised by truth of lies

I know all
Yet I know none
But yes