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2004-03-02 01:33:31 (UTC)

Ice Cream and Horniness

Well today has been okay. I found out that Color Guard
really does suck. We got 13th place out of 15 schools! I
joined the Unarmed Drill Team for a little breakfast party
in 0 period today. Then in ROTC Chris Clere (the brother of
one of my former good friends who went into the Marines)
came to visit and talk about everything he's been doing.
He gave me Jack's email address. I just emailed him. It'll
be cool to hear from him again. I ate penis (sausage) for was not good. I got a 6 out 100 on a test in
Pre-Calculus...geez and I thought I was starting to
understand it! I talked to Adam on my way home (yay) and I
checked my email. Someone had updated their diary on here
with a new sex story. it made me hornier than ever. After I
made a delicious dinner of chicken and vegetables, my dad
took me and Danielle to Baskin Robins for some ice cream.
I got a double scoop of Mint Chocolate Chip and Gold Medal
Ribbon. Now i'm sitting at home ...about to take a shower
and i'm horny. GEEZ Adam is right...I AM SUCH A HORNDOG!!!!
oh well...he'll be happy when he gets will I. as
for now though...i'm going to go take a shower to relieve
mself. hehehe.