Too Much to Say
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2004-03-02 01:13:43 (UTC)


i just saw the passion of the christ yesterday. i can't
even begin to explain what i felt as i watched that movie.
if you can even call it that. i didn't feel like i was
sitting in a theatre watching some character on a screen.
i felt like i was there, right at calvary, next to mary,
watching my best friend be ripped to pieces and nailed to a
cross. the gruesome blows didn't disgust me, they HURT
me. i wrote this song a while back, and it suddenly meant
so much more to me. i now have the motivation to finish


Perfect was he when he wore my crown
Perfect was he when they beat him down
And when they nailed his broken body to the tree
Still Perfect was he

Blameless was he when they pierced his side
Holy was he when his mother cried
And as he watched her weep and plead for her son,
He whispered, "Your will be done."

Nails in hands though sin never touched him
Still he bears the holes we carved
Scarred when we meet him
Unperfect forever!

Perfect was he when I fueled my lust
Perfect was he when I broke his trust
In return for the insults I've spit in his face
He poured out his grace

Blemished was I when I saught he
Broken was I when he bought me
He paid his life for this unperfect me
So that perfect I'll be

Scars within, sin blackened hearts
Washed away on the day
We rise to meet him
Perfect forever!

We'll rise to meet him
Perfect forever.

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