Nick's Journal
2004-03-01 23:53:40 (UTC)

I'm really bad at putting out cigarettes

i don't know why but i can never seem to stump them out
right. after everyone i've ever smoked in my life i
always end up thinking that i've put it out, until i see
that long tendril of smoke coming from the ashtray. i can
smoke them fine, i just can't put them out. alright so
get what i saw today as i went to walmart.
there was this big bronco and on the bottom left of his
bumper he had a yellow (very official looking) sign
saying, "terrorist hunting permit". now at first i
thought it had to be a joke, but it just looked so
professional, with little numbers all over it and looking
all like the government issued it. i mean it has to be
fake right?
anyhow, i had a mgmt test today and i didn't even try.
i'm sorry but when you have so many classes, you're bound
to overlook one of them. seriously, i forgot that thing
like i'd forget to pick up my second adopted korean son
from baseball practice. plus i was too busy seeing the
other thing i couldn't believe in that class. some douche
in front had a shirt on that was entirely torn up in the
back. at first i didnt' think it was really his skin, but
unfortunately it was.
plus i've found that i can really make things awkward.
like i was supposed to meet my career advisor (again) and
that went well. see i was rounding a corner in the
business building as was he, and we smacked into each
other, and when i say smacked into each other, i his 5
foot 200 lb ass bounced off of me and almost fell on the
ground (had it not been for a wall behind him). you see i
tend to stride, and shorter people tend to prance or god
knows what he was doing. but he looked so embarrassed by
having been knocked a-back.
and talk about sneaky. wachovia keeps on fucking with
me. i went to get my criminal record notarized today adn
the guy actually tried ot "sell" me another student
account. he told me that it was "free" and that the
savings? account was a compliment to the checking
account. why would i open a checkign account now? now is
the worst time for me to save cos i need everything for
l-i-v-i-n. but i told leon i'd be back for sure, i just
needed to wipe all the bullshit he just spat at me off of
my shirt.
damn i shoudl really get studying. but i'm so done. i
hate this whole working during the senior year. financial
derivatives is about as inviting as a hooker with downs
syndrome, to me right now. oh well, i guess i should get
to work. somebody distract me with something about