Pacifico: Rock's Modest Models
2004-03-01 21:00:43 (UTC)

work is so much fun...NOT!

I am at work and my computer has been down for a while due
to viruses and that fact that it just sucks.
Today was one of those days you just want to be lazy and
sleep in and do nothing.
This past weekend was awesome.
I got to see old friends, and lots of friends bands.
We played one of the best shows we have ever played. My
voice cracked a little bit but besides that we did really
great. Our cover song even went over well. I love playing
shows with bands that are good and are good guys. The
highlight of my night was singing that new Darkness song
with everyone on stage. all three bands in one jam band
rocking tune. it was awesome.
I watched the Oscars wow did Lord of the Rings Sweep.
This week is pretty exciting. I have practice, work,
Starflyer plays, might go dancing, might see my neice
I have so much band work to do tons of phone calls and
emails to make. I am trying to find a studio to book time
at and trying to get us some out state shows. All the while
trying to book a show in town, work on the album artwork,
new songs, new merch, and more...
ok i guess i should go to work now.
cd - Starflyer 59 I am the Portugese Blues
book - Lullaby
movie - someone like you (kinda girly)