2004-03-01 20:18:53 (UTC)

Valentine's Day (belated)

For some reason I didn't write about Valentine's Day this
year so I'm going to correct that now!

John and I had spent the morning shopping and doing errands
and in the afternoon he put in a new fireplace insert. I
was still recovering from a cold so I napped and woke up to
find a warm and cheerful fire burning!

John, being a practical man, likes to give practical gifts
but the exception is Valentine's Day. On that day I always
get romantic gifts and a card. The year before last it was
a CD of Edith Piaf love songs and last year it was a CD of
the boys talking and reading when they were little so for
some reason I expected another CD. But...the box was too
tiny. It was a lovely pair of antique diamond stud
earrings! And always he gives me two dozen delicate pink
tulips and adds a romantic note to the card he gives me.

We decided to celebrate with dinner out and, because we were
both tired, we wanted someplace close so we went to the
Chinese restaurant in Junction City. It was a lovely,
lovely day.