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2004-03-01 17:26:24 (UTC)

me and elizas amusing camel convo

DraGoN91887: my comp works again!
xhelloximxdeadx: alright!
DraGoN91887: yay me!!!!!!
xhelloximxdeadx: go eliza!
DraGoN91887: after a week w/o I am back
DraGoN91887: lol
DraGoN91887: go team me!!!!!
DraGoN91887: I feel so complete now
DraGoN91887: but like half of my favorie places are gone
xhelloximxdeadx: im sorry
DraGoN91887: s;okay
xhelloximxdeadx: i havent started lowell essay yet GO ME!
DraGoN91887: my wallpaper is ugly too
DraGoN91887: OMG ME TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!1
xhelloximxdeadx: yes go us!
DraGoN91887: yay
xhelloximxdeadx: we are so smart
xhelloximxdeadx: never procarstinate or anything
xhelloximxdeadx: and we are NEVER sarcastic
DraGoN91887: tee hee
DraGoN91887: we're such gooooood children
xhelloximxdeadx: i know
DraGoN91887: I don't wanna start
DraGoN91887: but I already have a late essay for Lowell
xhelloximxdeadx: i know
xhelloximxdeadx: i actually dont think ive done an essay
this quarter lol
xhelloximxdeadx: well i did 1
DraGoN91887: lol
DraGoN91887: yeah that sounds about right
xhelloximxdeadx: lol
xhelloximxdeadx: *said in french accent* uh-huh
xhelloximxdeadx: im random and wierd
DraGoN91887: lol
DraGoN91887: no I totally saw that coming
xhelloximxdeadx: lol
xhelloximxdeadx: omg frogs
DraGoN91887: google?
xhelloximxdeadx: omg yeah lol
xhelloximxdeadx: hahaha
DraGoN91887: yeah it amazed me too
xhelloximxdeadx: i know right
xhelloximxdeadx: pink star
DraGoN91887: no clue
xhelloximxdeadx: ur icon
DraGoN91887: uh okay
DraGoN91887: lol
xhelloximxdeadx: yeah!
xhelloximxdeadx: woo-woo! the train is arriving on tack 4
mind the gap please
DraGoN91887: yes!!!!
DraGoN91887: I have been waiting sooooo long
xhelloximxdeadx: i know those darn trains take FOREVER!
DraGoN91887: I KNOW!!!!
DraGoN91887: It's like...I might as well take a camel
DraGoN91887: it's prolly much quicker
xhelloximxdeadx: it prolly is but a camel might spit on u
DraGoN91887: ewwww STD's
xhelloximxdeadx: ewwww the camel might rape us
DraGoN91887: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
xhelloximxdeadx: omg! we're gonna die!
xhelloximxdeadx: camel rape! camel rape!
DraGoN91887: Diana,,,,,my comp hates me
xhelloximxdeadx: i wonder how big a camel's penis is it
must be pretty dam big.......
DraGoN91887: okay I'm done
DraGoN91887: I think
xhelloximxdeadx: im sorry mine hates me2 my monitor keeps
turing off
DraGoN91887: one most wonder
DraGoN91887: go research it!!!!
xhelloximxdeadx: did u win the comp war?
DraGoN91887: LOL
xhelloximxdeadx: yeah!
DraGoN91887: maybe
DraGoN91887: time will tell
xhelloximxdeadx: ill write my essay on how big a camel's
penis is!
DraGoN91887: YES!
xhelloximxdeadx: sweet!
xhelloximxdeadx: guarenteed A
DraGoN91887: I would give you an A
xhelloximxdeadx: awww thx
DraGoN91887: because now I want to know
xhelloximxdeadx: wnat to know what?
DraGoN91887: the length
xhelloximxdeadx: oh ok
xhelloximxdeadx: im looking it up
DraGoN91887: yay!!!!!
xhelloximxdeadx: alright its learning time
DraGoN91887: yay!!!!
xhelloximxdeadx: *rings bell* class is in session
DraGoN91887: go for it
xhelloximxdeadx: omg some camels get castrated!
DraGoN91887: enlighten me
xhelloximxdeadx: those poor camels
DraGoN91887: what!
xhelloximxdeadx: they can never have orgasms!
DraGoN91887: get to teh juicy facts
xhelloximxdeadx: if a camel gets hot it will piss on its
self to kool off
DraGoN91887: ummmm no
DraGoN91887: that was yet another step in the wrong
xhelloximxdeadx: ewwww so if we use camel's for
transportation not only will they spit on us they will pee
on us!
DraGoN91887: well.....
DraGoN91887: that doesn't answer my question
xhelloximxdeadx: a camel squirts semen to attract females
DraGoN91887: hmmmmm
DraGoN91887: I doubt that would attract me
xhelloximxdeadx: yeah really
xhelloximxdeadx: i found a pic!
DraGoN91887: lmao
xhelloximxdeadx: I FOUND IT!
DraGoN91887: yay!
xhelloximxdeadx: the male camel penis
xhelloximxdeadx: 12-16 inches!
xhelloximxdeadx: DAMN!
DraGoN91887: wow
xhelloximxdeadx: big penis
DraGoN91887: that's impressive
xhelloximxdeadx: it is quite impressive
xhelloximxdeadx: i love al the fun facts we are learning
about camels today
DraGoN91887: Word needs to be reinstalled
DraGoN91887: yes!
xhelloximxdeadx: hmmmm thats intresing
xhelloximxdeadx: did ur computer get a virus?
DraGoN91887: who knows
xhelloximxdeadx: ok
xhelloximxdeadx: should we start our essays?
DraGoN91887: no of course not
xhelloximxdeadx: lol i agree
DraGoN91887: you confer?
xhelloximxdeadx: yes'
xhelloximxdeadx: whoo confer
DraGoN91887: wunderbar
xhelloximxdeadx: huh?
DraGoN91887 signed off at 9:40:45 PM.


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