2004-03-01 15:43:37 (UTC)

Sunday Musings

John and I spoke to Pastor Ruth about the The Passion of the
Christ after church yesterday. She and her husband had gone
to see it Saturday. She told us that it was more like the
stations of the cross or a passion play then a story
strictly following the gospels. She was unhappy Satan was
depicted as a woman and reiterated several times that it was
quite violent. John told her I wanted to see it but he
didn't think it would be a good idea if I saw it alone. She
agreed. While John doesn't particularly want to see it he
said he wanted to go with me if I did. I'm still thinking
about it.

I also chatted with Doris a bit about knitting. She asked
me how my charity knitting was going. I've gotten the
bodice and most of the skirt knitted for the first burial
gown and it wasn't difficult once I found the right size
needles so I could get the stitch patter to look lacy like I
wanted it to. I hope to finish it and the matching bonnet
this week. I will put a photo of it on my webshot page
when I do.

Jack phoned last night and we chatted for almost an hour.
He's very happy in his apartment and with his job and that
makes me happy. I reminded him of his grandmother's
birthday on March 10th and gave him her phone number and
address. He's thinking of coming for a brief visit home at
the end of March. I told him there would be strawberries
and rhubarb available in the stores then and I'd make him
his favorite pie.