DayDream Believer
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2004-03-01 15:37:26 (UTC)


Im on a big boat with my mother and two sisters now. Its a
short break from everything, something we all need!
Im wearing my new sexy white stilettos, there is a tax
free just two floors below me, and stil I miss my
boyfriend Tommy verry much right now, even though I dont
think he treated me to nice this weekend.
We meet the first time on a boat like this, so it will
always be special to us. I think Im gonna by us a trip
toghether as a birthday present to him , if we`re stil
tugether then:-)

I think I have to let him go a little bit, so I can enjoy
my holiday, he is everything to me, but I cant let he be
me also. Especially in times like these, when I feel I
cant trust anyone.

Love Angel

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