Hokwan dish~
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2004-03-01 15:07:31 (UTC)

A Unhappy Day!!!

Today....... oh my god!!! Don't want to remind that!
Think about what I need to did and what I learn... really
feel busy! It's such a busy life!!!
Monday: Is the only day that i have nothing to do after
Tuesday: Wow, Boring life! Librian
Wednesday: Not every week need to go, but... Art Club
Thursday: Oh!My Dear... Don't know whether I feel happy
or not!!! ~ Learn English!
Friday: Something need to learn at night!(It's my secreat)
Saturday: Violin! Nice!
Sunday: Just the only day that I can do my own things!

See~ one week! It's my timetable!! And my timetable plus
my mother ~ is equal to ...... A BIG PRESSURE FOR ME!!!
When I thought about this and that the big pressure from
my mother... I cried out!!! But... of course ... I didn't
let anyone know that~ So, plz don't tell anyone after
reading this diary!

Now, I really know what's the meaning of "Twinkle twinkle
what you are"! My pressure, my tired, myy sadness, my tear
are so much! Just like the star over the sky!!! But... who
knows... Did anyone know what i feel now? NO... the only
one who know that is ... a heavy girl who are having a big
stone on her back!!!

Anyway... just try to cheer myself up!!!