goddess of imaginary light
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2004-03-01 10:29:47 (UTC)

am i hurting you

do i like you or not?
you see me, you act like you like me, but i think its a lie
youre giving me attributes that arent there
how can you fall this fast?
i dont want to hurt you , that was never my intention
but i cant trust you
i cant give all of me like ive done before
ive payed the price
its better to not deal with it
it hurts and you know that
so trust when i say not now
or that we're just friends
because you might hurt me
you might drag me into this and i dont want that
i hate drama and thats all that this is
fuckin drama
just show me who you are
and eventually i might open up
but you have to wait
i dont trust anyone so if you want my trust
you need to work for it
and if youre not willing to, then it just shows me what
was there
that its better for me to hide myself from everything
its better to not experience it
ive built this wall for a reason
are you up for breaking through it?