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2004-03-01 02:29:13 (UTC)

The Lock-In

Saturday night there was a lockin at my highschool. And my
boyfriend, Jared, had just broke up with me that Thursday.
So I decided to go to the lock-in even though I knew he was
going to be there. So once I got there I wanted to leave
cuz I didnt want to see him. i was totally heartbroken and
crushed by the whole situation. I wanted to leave as soon I
as I got there...But thank god I didnt. I went into that
school thinking by 700 the next morning me and Jared would
be back together, but that paln backfired when I heard that
Jared was celebrating after dumping me. So, I was totally
bummed until Bradon started talking to me. He is like one
of the hotter guys in the school and he was dj-ing all
nite. So he told me to stay with him and help him out. He
wouldnt let me leave his side....and by five then next
morning it was time to close down the music so we just sat
on the couch and cuddled. Then he took me home. He was such
a good nite....

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