Zoey's mamma
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2004-03-01 02:21:34 (UTC)

today is the day!!!

Today has been a wonderfull day, let me tell you how it all

woke up not able to breath my toncils are so swollen!!!!
you know its bad when you go to throw up and you cant get
it past your toncils to the toilet... so you choke on it!!!

Zac (my EX!!!) brought Zoey(my baby girl) home today at
about 4:45pm (that went really well) lets not get into that.
you know lately everything tha has to do with him i cant
stand...but it was kinda like that from the begining
too...hehe...oh well anyway enough about him...

last night i saw that new movie Passion of the Christ...
and let me tell you... it really makes you think twice
about everything in life... it made me realize not to hate
anyone... that you should let love ultamitly shower
through... and that you will never know what the world is
missing untill it is gone...

Last night i also talked to a long lost friend of mine...My
little gurl Jessie... God i missed her she was my right
arm, my sholders me head sat upon and the brain in my
head... i promise with out her i would not be half of what
i am today... she kept me on track and made me see what i
really needed to do with life... then something happened
and we couldnt be friends any longer... but now that all
has changed you know if i had never lost her sisterly love
and understanding as well as her words of advice... i
prolly would not be where i am right now...

but its ok i love my baby girl and i am so happy with
her...now i can have Jessie me sister back...and my baby
gurl all in my life and still be able to make beter
decisions for now on...

I also have talked to an ex boyfriend of mine his name is
Chris... Chirs, was my FIRST LOVE... and you know i will
always love Chris... it pains me to see him down all the
time... and i wish i could help.. i told him how i felt
about everything i just hope he takes that in to
consideration and really thinks aobut what i said.

well its kinda late guys i have to go i have my baby to
take care of and i would like to finish talking to Chris...
buh bye guys...untill next time...Adrienne:)