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2004-03-01 01:20:09 (UTC)

Bored out of my mind

So last night i was bored as hell (since theres nothing
to do around here) so i decided to go on the internet and
mess around with the losers in chat rooms. Very
interesting. Some of these people are really pathetic and
have no problem telling you all about it. Others i can
tell are trying to make their lives sound better then they
really are. I talked to one guy who said he lived in
southern cali, who was willing to come all the way up to
washington to take me to a movie! Creepy. Some other guy
was saying that i was an angel. OH! He actually used this
line: "Did it hurt?" i asked "what" "When you fell down
from heaven." What the fuck. Loser. I stayed on untill
like 3 in the morning though. I was waiting for my friend
dennis to get back from some street races he was going to.
See in seattle there are fun things to do like racing.
Here they only race pick up trucks. Seriously. They race
pick up trucks. Its retarded. Oh i should talk about
Ok dennis is this guy i met last year in my spanish. He
is awesome. He is this russian guy, who is the son of the
schools matinence person (janitor). He is really funny and
he was the only thing about that spanish class that i
liked. He actually made it tolerable to go into class. He
and i would just sit there and talk throughout the whole
class. He makes me laugh sooo much. He makes really funny
jokes about everylittle thing. He will turn something bad
that happened to me into something funny. Yet at the same
time i can still have a serious conversation with him. He
is really smart. All around he is the greatest guy i
know. The best part is that i still talk to him even after
i moved. Here is how it happened. I had just moved and i
was sitting in my room thinking how much it sucked living
here and i thought about how the last time something really
sucked (spanish class) dennis came around and made it ten
times better. so i decide to go on my brand new computer
and download some music. i log on to the internet then up
pops the im box and guess who it was. Dennis! oh man i
was excited. Sooo happy. And he was just as funny online
as he is in person. It was great. All my free time was
spent online. He really is a great guy. BUT, not too
attractive. And im a pretty damn shallow person. So while
i do see the inner beauty in someone, i also see the outer
part a whole lot too. And dennis doesnt have outer
beauty. I feel bad for saying this. I never really
admitted to anyone that i do think he is ugly. But i have
to say he is one of my best friends. The only problem is i
think he wants to be more then friends. Over my midwinter
break i went up to seattle and i hung out with him a lot.
When i got back he told me that he meant to kiss me but he
never got the chance. Well that is a good thing for me.
The worst part is his older brother is hands down, the
cutest guy ive ever seen in real life. Everyone always
said that he was way cute but i never saw him till i went
up to seattle. He literally took my breath away. I had to
grab hold of my friends arm.