The Diary Of...
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2004-03-01 00:53:48 (UTC)

Yesterday was so amazing!

Yesterday I got baptized! It was the most amazing
experience of my life! ... I was sooo nervous before, but
it all turned out perfectly! It was really cold though,
hehe, but the water was 95 degrees, so that was nice. :)

My mom, my step-dad, and my dad were there. All of
them! .. How exciting is that?!? And 3 people that I've
only known for about a month came, as well, just to be
there for support. I've really never felt more loved. It
was great. An amazing feeling!


You can see pictures of it there!

My birthday was this past Wednesday. I'm 19 now. :) ... I
didn't do anything special, mainly because I have no
friends, but I got balloons from this girl that I've only
known a month. It was really special, though, because she
remembered it was my birthday and she cared enough to
bring me balloons. It was really sweet - I was ready to
cry. :)

My sister's birthday was yesterday. She's 6 years old
now!!! I can't believe it! She's so old!

I saw The Passion of the Christ on Thursday... And oh my
God, it's such an amazing film! ... The movie was
incredible. No matter what you believe, if you're
religious or not, you can't deny it's a beautiful, painful
film. And it's made so well!! And the subtitles, you even
forget you're reading them after the first like 15
minutes... You'd be surprised how much dialogue there
isn't. Most of it is purely visual.
Truly a masterpiece.
And you know what? The violence, the gore, is nothing
worse than you see in normal films today. There is nothing
worse in this movie than there is in the typical action
flick, or horror movie nowadays. The reason it's such a
big deal - it's Jesus.
Incredibly beautiful.

I'm done for now.

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