X is my secret.
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2004-02-29 23:57:23 (UTC)


Ok, so this was the best weekend ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I went to Eau Claire!!!!!
Yes that's right, after all of my PMS moods when I was
unable to go, I finally got someone to take me, spent the
weekend and Charlie came back to get me on Sunday.

It was seriously awesome. I can't humanly describe how
happy I was all weekend. Even though we really didn't do
much but lie in eachother's arms. It was incredible, none
the less. Don't sit there with wide eyes like you're gonna
get details either!! Fuckin Perv.

Anyway. I'm home. I have the FAFSA done. I still need to
return my library books and that's all. I have so much off
my chest now.

Ok, small amount of detail, I loved waking up in his arms.
He is so hot in the morning. Seriously. You don't even
know, heh, although his neighbors probably do ;-). Well,
I'll post more in a bit.


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