goddess of imaginary light
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2004-02-29 23:13:17 (UTC)

rantings of my mind

studying studying god i hate it all and i feel like shit
so crazy thing happened the other noght
Dan , Rob, Joey and i went to Gardnerville for a party.
at midnight the cops came and we all ran!
we're out in the frickin bushin of the nevada desert for 3
hours before we got back to the car. the popo wanted to
get a search warrent to get inside but couldnt, finally
they were sending all the sober people home and thats
when we left
needless to say, being that i was outside in at least 20
degree weather without a jacket for three hours, i am
sick :( grr overall i had fun :) it was an adventure
i dont know what i did last night but my back is killing
me!!! i barely remember coming into the dorms...

one thing cool thats happened....sean and i bonded over
music :)
hes got an awesome selection!! some ive never heard of but
alot that i like
not much, but im listening to our lady peace and these
lyrics reminded me of brandon...getting me into a
contemplative state....damn

i dont wanna be a puppet for you
dont wanna bite the hand thats for eating
i dont wanna be a sucker for you
oh yes you
i hate myself for begging
i hate myself for staying
i hate myself for listening to you

i just wanna get out
stuck inside of this
waiting for something else
waiting to exist
can you offer me help
help for what ive missed

*another song that makes me think of him? pretty girl by
sugarcult...its sad that it does, but i cant help it