Thoughts of His girl
2004-02-29 21:49:16 (UTC)

Masters Reaction

I sent Master my need dance about 10 minutes ago. His
reaction left me feeling like I had let him down, he
saysshe didnt . Maybe its just he didnt say much or
distracted I dont know . He was cleaning out his emails
and I suppose kind of busy. He was obvioulyfrustrated with
her because he told her that if she did not hush and let
him read she would be whipped. (sigh) He has never had
theaten topunishe her before or felt the need to. (shakes
her head)

He poofied I am not sure why but .... aaron is having a
bad time so I am going to stay logged in and leave an away
message hopping he returns.

I hates the idea of failing him or displeasing him.

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