Thoughts of His girl
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2004-02-29 20:13:05 (UTC)

List of Dances

Master is on the phone and I was told to write dances of a
pleasure slave ones that can be preformed in the prescence
of a FW. ( laughs) Provacative but not offensive.

She has had the pleasure of spending alot of time with
Master this morning and is loving it. I wish His computer
was not fubar though. (laughs)

He did not give her time frame ont he dances or a lsit of
what he wanted. Simply said Gorean dances. (thinks

List of Gorean Dances:

Need Dance
Seduction Dance
Belt Dance
Chain Dance
Whip Dance
Begging His Collar Dance
Buy Me Dance
Talendar Dance
Veil Dance
Placatory Dance
Tile Dance
Panther Girl Dance
Leash Dance
Dance of Flute
Six Thong Dance
Pole Dance
Love Dance
Tether Dance

18 Tradition Dances that she has ever seen. She will do 2
dances minimum per week. If Masters e-mail is full she
will post them here. (thinks that sounds like a realistic
and structured plan)

Master says NO on the posting he doesnt want someone else
to snatch them from myjournal and use them.(laughs)