Thoughts of His girl
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2004-02-29 19:51:18 (UTC)

Scrolls of an Assassin and Events After His Departure

[23:34] Mathias has entered the room.
[23:34] *Mathias walks into the home eyes scanning around
the home*
[23:34] *WandererFM looks over to the path, stretching His
hands up behind His head*
[23:34] *rainDBlack looks at the path seeing a mark*
[23:34] *Mathias smirks finding the one he seeks and eyes
settle on Black*
[23:35] *DBlackMB read the profile seeing He is on the
[23:35] Mathias: you are not a popular man Black...and
unless youve got money....now is your time to die
[23:35] DBlackMB: Aye I have Money
[23:35] *WandererFM folds His arms behind His head and
lets them rest on the hilt of the Torvie Blade, watching
the marked killer do His job*
[23:35] *AeutumRCC looks at the killer as my hand goes to
my bow*
[23:35] WandererFM: Sis
[23:35] WandererFM: nuh uh
[23:35] WandererFM: marked and legal
[23:35] *AeutumRCC nods at Wanderer*
[23:35] Mathias: this is between me and Black
[23:35] WandererFM: yep
[23:36] DBlackMB: What is the Amount
[23:36] Mathias: Black make me your offer how much is
your life worth to you?
[23:36] DBlackMB: Per Code I have a right to know what
the amount of Coin that is on My head to counter offer
that said amount
[23:37] Mathias: 8 silver pieces have been put on your
[23:37] DBlackMB: Then I offer as a counter offer of 1
[23:38] *Mathias scratches his chin thinking about that*
[23:38] *Wkatrina slides the bota upwards teasing the
cork from it slowly as she walks tugging it free
glancing upwards as she turns her head to the side
spitting the cork to the ground glancing to the path
she shudders her eyes sweeping back to her Vana'she *
[23:39] *DBlackMB standing setting rain at Wanderers boots*
[23:39] *rainDBlack looks up at Him *
[23:39] *WandererFM raises His left hand to kat, bidding
her wait*
[23:39] *Wkatrina steps off to the side waiting *
[23:40] *AeutumRCC sits silently watching*
[23:40] Mathias: 1 gold isnt enough of a profit margin
for me...there is a certain enjoyment in killing after all
[23:40] DBlackMB: then what do you feel is a good margin?
[23:41] Mathias: 5 gold
[23:41] DBlackMB: Agreed
[23:41] *Mathias nods *
[23:42] *DBlackMB reaching in My pouch for the 5 gold
setting at the table next to the Killer*
[23:42] *Mathias keeps eyes on the Builder watching
[23:42] *DBlackMB moving back to My furs, standing upon
[23:42] *Mathias takes the gold and pockets it*
[23:43] *DBlackMB aprox 15 feet away from the Killer*
[23:43] DBlackMB: Since I have bought the Contract, I
would like to see Whom contracted it
[23:44] DBlackMB: in IM is fine for privacy
[23:44] Mathias: that my codes do not allow me to state
even if you bought the contract and I will not tell you
and since my business here is done I bid you all well
[23:44] *Mathias turns and exits*
[23:44] Mathias has left the room.

I was sent this scroll yesterday and asked to if I had
any qoutes on this evvery happening in books. It is no
secret that this girl wore the slave bells gifted by a BC
for almsot 2 years.

This scroll is of interstes to me for several reasons.

1. Dublin Black is or was Onyx Crow of VOC

2. I have never known a BC to not kill his mark or dye
trying. I have never in 4 years of Gor and 2 years belong
to an Assassin see one take cold from his mark tospare his

3. Who sent me this scroll makes me curious and to be
asked only an hourlater by someone else to check on
qoutes. Finding qoutes isnothing unusual many know that
she is a scribe in many ways.

I have never heard of Mathias but my gut tells me he is
someone I know and who sent me the scrolls makes me think
that even more. (sigh) That also means that someone is
dualing and if so does she expose him . His head games
have hurt me and so many others.

I wont make accusations without proof but how did he have
room scrolls of the Assassin .The Assassin leaves and he
shows up to confront the mark . Coincidence or was he the
assassin. (sighs)

This scroll was also sent to me it occured moments afte
the assassin left.

[18:49] Current topic is:
'[AR] NO ZONES that means enter at own risk,upon entry
please state eye color , slaves beg entry, but do NOT beg
safety as there is none in Gor, 18 and over only, Respect,
or pay!''
[18:50] *AeutumRCC looks to the path*
[18:50] AeutumRCC: Hou Lugh
[18:50] *MasterLugh sands quietly at the gates *
[18:50] *Wkatrina peeks towards the path *
[18:50] *DBlackMB ^stands*
[18:50] MasterLugh: Tal Sis
[18:50] MasterLugh: greetings kat
[18:51] ranaaSeher: greetings Master Lugh
[18:51] AeutumRCC: How goes Your day
[18:51] MasterLugh: greetings ramaa
[18:51] MasterLugh: opps ranaa
[18:51] Wkatrina: greeetings Master Lugh , kat prays You
are well this day
[18:51] MasterLugh: I breathe For one sch as Me that is
[18:51] *AeutumRCC nods softly*
[18:51] ranaaSeher: no problem, Master Lugh, she is not
sensitive to typonese and she prays You are having a good
day this day
[18:52] MasterLugh: well i was till some one of This home
offened Me
[18:52] MasterLugh: but i`m sure that was a foolish
[18:54] *AeutumRCC softly sighs*
[18:54] AeutumRCC: I think it is time for me to go
[18:54] AeutumRCC: Lugh I am sorry but I really need to
get out of here
[18:54] ranaaSeher: why is that, Mstress Aeutum?
[18:55] AeutumRCC: kat you should go as well
[18:55] lynsey: Master Dublin Black, may a beast approach
[18:55] ranaaSeher: nay ranaa shall go
[18:55] AeutumRCC: ranaa I am a Free I need not explain
why in my own home
[18:55] AeutumRCC: and it has nothing to do with you
[18:55] ranaaSeher: she is the only one that has offended
and she wishes all well
[18:55] ranaaSeher has left the room.
[18:55] Wkatrina: yes Mistress kat will go
[18:55] DaylenWT has entered the room.
[18:56] lynsey has signed off.
[18:56] Wkatrina: kat wishes the Free a most wonderful
[18:56] DaylenWT: Tal Aeutum
[18:56] DBlackMB has left the room.
[18:56] Wkatrina has left the room.
[18:56] DaylenWT: Tal Lugh
[18:56] MasterLugh: Wise fucking Move Prick
[18:56] MasterLugh: I have his ip ..
[18:56] MasterLugh: Know this
[18:56] *AeutumRCC siighs*
[18:56] MasterLugh: I`ll Kill any one i see with his Name
attached ..
[18:56] MasterLugh: but hes reserved for the BC
[18:57] MasterLugh: who havent taken his comments to well
[18:57] MasterLugh: I bid You well Enough Sis
[18:57] AeutumRCC: You need not go
[18:57] *MasterLugh nods to Daylen *
[18:57] MasterLugh: I cannot stay For i still Have some
honour left
[18:58] *MasterLugh nods to Her *
[18:58] MasterLugh: You would do well to find a new buider
[18:58] *MasterLugh turns on his heel and heads out *

Or was it before with GCN time stamps its hard to tell but
I was told the Assassin came then Lugh came right after. I
was asked if I thoguht they were one in the same and to
research scrolls.

(shakes my head)

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