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2004-02-29 19:43:31 (UTC)


well damn i havnt written in here in a long time,2 much
shit but ill jus go wit it...ummm last week was
depressing,for 1,jays a fuckin ass & two my grandpa
died..can ppl. give me a fuckin break...jays askin 4 me bak!
im so damn confuzed...if i never was w/ jay i wouldnt b so
damn confuzed bout shit! im feeling really sure bout julian
cuz i no hes gunna alwayz b there 4 me...last night i told
him bout jay & he said he understands but he still cares
bout US!i think i should jus b single away from jay..he
looked happier!although he says he misses me alot but i
dont no what 2 do w/ me & him!ima change the subject
now...my weekend was ok...friday went 2 the store w/ ray &
mike & danced 2 those music machines,went 2 hollywood video
& they got sum video game...wrestling??but ya then we went
2 mikes & they played there video games...saturday stayed
home then me & mike went 2 the mall...he wanted this
hatchet man ahahah the guy who was saling it was hittin on
mike..he was like"ill give it to you for 39.00 only to make
u happy man"damn mike thats sad lol..we went up the
escalators like 50 times to watch a show,the security guard
was laughin @ us...& holy shit i saw the best puppy in the
world...i want him so damn bad...he stole my hairtie outa
the middle of no where...& we saw this ferret who was layin
so damn weird with his tongue hangin outa his
mouth...damn!!...then we called lessa when we were in the
car...she didint sound 2 good,she has the flu i think,its
not fun on the weekendz with out her..i feel lonely..:(
lol....i hope u feel better lessa k i luv ya bud!i hope
this week goes better then these past 2!!ill write l8ter