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2004-02-29 19:04:08 (UTC)


everything is so confuing guys in general.... it was so
much easier when i wasnt single.... maybe thats y i liked
being in a relationship and was scared of being single...
now that im single i realized y.... because u can hang out
with one person one night think hes the greatest thing then
the next night hang out with someone else and think hes the
greatest thing and then ur screwed... ur stuck in the
middle and u dont knwo what to do.... u have two great guys
and u like them both but for different reasons and u dont
want to loose either of them as a friend but u dont know
which one u want then u finally decided and its to late! u
finally set ur heart one direction for a big reason and
then it wasnt worth it because they think they have found
some else.... but thats ok because like they say if its
meant to be it will happen right? well it sucks because i
guess u could call me a slut with all the guys i hang out
with but its not like i do things with them so its like a
nonsex slut almost i dunno im so confused and im kinda down
now that i realized that i might have lost one of the
greatest guys in the world over something that i coulda
easily done... all i had to do was stay over and sleep next
to him in his bed, nothing sexual... but im not used to
that im used to being in a relationship and having sex if u
sleep next to someone... however im getting used to
sleeping next to someone without it being sexual but it was
so hard since i liked him so much... since he is a great
guy and all and he has looks to top it off... but what can
i say i screwed up yet again... surprised? im not... well
im off to find something to do with this boring life of
"time takes everything from u, not just r age"

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