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2004-02-29 10:02:45 (UTC)

i always said id be back

hehe ive been promising my sweet little meglin for ages i
would write....i would suspect she is starting to lose
faith in me writing, so will she ever be
I'm in a blah mood. It's almost two and i just got back
from Nanaimo. Me and Jordan went and watched that christ
movie....I think it was a great bible movie. It really
shows the hardships jesus went through. it was harsh.
Call me crazy but I belive in Jesus and God. If not them,
who else could coordinate such perfection, even the way
biology and chemistry and physics work..Some people really
think that's just fluke? Take it sometime its an amazing
fluke how everything that is jusst turns out to work in
harmony. I dunno. Even if it's not my specific God up
there, there has to be something up there. Did you know
that most scientists are Christians, just some trivial
Meghan has been in Jellystone for a week meeting Yogi the
bear. Lucky she'll be back soon, i
wanna hear something horrible...i found my sister's old
work from grade 12, and i was looking at a physics lab we
did, so i copied her conclusion because she got 5 out of 5
on the lab.....guess what i got on the
lab...40%...ya...2/5 I was right pissed off..grr...Ive
always been saying that my physics teacher doesnt like me,
but no one belives me.....
I have officially decided I don't want to go to walk-up,
prom, or dry-grad...even though dry-grad might be fun, i
dont need a night to celebrate the end with my friends
from school...i can do that anytime i want to...prom,
blah, whats the fun in that, been there, done
totally over rated....i dont want to go to after parties
or get drunk I don't want to walk up.. I went to school
for 13 years..I think thats a long enough ceremony for me
to get my certificate...I'm totally anti-grad...i hate it,
i hate the idea of it......and im feeling really
pessimistic right now....probably because me and jordan
just got into a fight again.
Im starting to get worried...knowing his family
background, it seems really violent...and even though he
doesnt seem like the type to be ....iunno what word im
looking for, not violent though but a little......but
lately he hasnt taken kindly to play fighting, its like i
play a bit and he gets pissed and has to get me back 5
times as hard, but not play fully, and he's always calling
me a fucking bitch or something like that which
hurts......or freaking today we were driving
home and i offered him a piece of food by putting it by
his mouth and he said " Fuck off, I don't fucking want it"
then i playfully did it again (im the playful type) and he
took it, threw it across the car onto my window and
screamed "didnt you fucking hear me i said i dont fucking
want it." or yesterday we went night skiing and i
playingly threw a snowball at him, so he turned around and
said "fuck you" pissed off, he grabbed a snowball and
whipped it at me as hard as he could, got another one,
whamed it into my face, and chucked another one at
me...then he's all like what's your problem you fucking
Finally today im like, lately you;ve seemed edgier, is
anything up..and he flipped, and i said, "i think you have
a problem" he said what, you mean with our relationship
and i said "no in your head" then he got pissed and just much as i like him...this behavior makes me
really uncomfortable...but then he doesnt like it when im
This semester im swamped...english, physics, law,
chemestry, and calculus and capp cand career prep
im applying for a job in a liftie during
the summer, than i'll come back to Canada for
school.......I hope I get it...anyways, im gunna get going
now...maybe i'll write again soon

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