forever 17

silent wishes
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2004-02-29 03:49:41 (UTC)

but that one takes it all...

"jenny, will you marry me? i'll make you a good husband."
"yes you would forrest."
"but you wont marry me?"
"you dont wanna marry me forrest."
"why dont you love me jenny? i'm not a smart man but i do
know what love is." and then he goes and stands on his
porch and watches the night go by. after he goes to bed
jenny comes and gets in his bed and says, "i do love you
forrest." and they end up sleeping together and she gets up
at the crack of dawn the next day, gets in a car and leaves
as the driver askes "where you runnin' off too?"
"i'm not running." and leaves, while forrest is still
asleep...yea. that one has to take it for the saddest scene
in the whole dang movie...then he finds out that he's got a
little boy, and he marrys jenny and she dies from AIDS and
he burries her under the tree they always sat in. the one
she taught him how to climb in, where they sat when they
were little because she didnt want to go home...

when i leave here, and i get through doing whatever it is
that i intend to do in new york, i'm comin' back here, or
somewhere like it, and i'm building me a huge house, with
lots of windows and a spiral staircase right in the middle
of the room as soon as you open the door. and its gonna
have a huge kitchen and 3 stories and a wrap-around porch
all the way around the 2nd story...and lots of
trees...there has to be lots of big shady trees. and a
swing, a little swing tied up in one of the branches.
y'know the kind, the ones made out of an old board and 2
ropes around a limb of this big old tree, overlookin' a big
lake. and a creek. i'm gonna have me a swing and a creek
and big porch, with lots of rocking chairs. and some roses.
some white and pink roses all around the yard. the yard's
gonna be full of thick green grass that you can lay in and
watch the stars...and there has to be a bridge somewhere
close. but the 1st thing i'm gettin' is a swing

forever 17