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silent wishes
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2004-02-29 01:54:47 (UTC)

"Dear god, please make me a bird so i can fly far."

i didnt do much today. i slept in for awhile,then watched
tv and attempted to read a book but it got boring and cold.
so i went outside and ran. that was pretty fun, except my
legs didnt thank me for it, didnt seem very willing to walk
around after that, but i did it anyway. geez...i never
noticed how much i sound like a redneck until now.
hmm...something else to fix.

Forest Gump is a really good movie. i've seen it dozens
of times, but i jsut now noticed that he was named after
the guy that started the KKK, atleast so he says. jenny was
a really sweet girl...cant wait to see what taylor says
when he finds out this movie makes me cry. i think the
saddest parts are when she missed the bus one day and
forest went to her house to see if she was ok, and she was
hidding from her dad and when he woke up he went to chase
after her and forest and jenny ran into the fields and
jenny knelt down with him and started praying "Dear god,
please make me a bird so i can fly far. far far away." over
and over again. and the other when he found jenny in some
sleeze bar singing naked just to make some money, and
forrest jumps up on the stage and tries to save her and she
got mad. finally they left and were walking down the road
and jenny asked forrest "do you remember when we prayed?
when i asked god to make me a bird so i could fly far away?
i'd like to fly right off this bridge right now..." "what
do you mean jenny?" "nothing forrest, nothing. i've got to
go." then hitch-hikes a ride and forrest tells her he's
going to vietnam, and she tells him to promise her that if
he got in any trouble that he wouldnt try to be a hero,
that he'd just run away. its so sad...they all
die...everybody's always dying...and then another when he
gives her his medal after they walked around washington
d.c. all night, and she asks him why he's so good her and
he says "'cause you're my girl jenny." and she tells him
she'll always be his girl and then leaves on a bus
and, "out of my life again". errrr!! i'd feel better but i
cant cry. i hate it when i want to and cant.

::sighs:: so anyway, i think i'm gonna finish watching my
movie. i think i'm going to cry in a minute...its jsut so
sad to watch...but i suppose thats what makes it good.

forever 17