Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2004-02-29 00:26:13 (UTC)

Lost In The Ether.

Not just me, but today generally. The snow/ice combo hit
the country hard yesterday and today - if I'd gone out at
all - was one of those days where all everyone talks about
is what it was like for them getting to where they are.

I don't like seems
fruitless...tedious...however, my day can only fulfil
those descriptions itself.

I stayed in, read my book and heard the new Christina
Milian single. Not half bad, though.

And now? I'm gonna get some kip, knowing that tomorrow
holds neither more nor less, its a bit depressing, but
wonderful all the same.

Until the next time

WILT? Ether Song - Turin Brakes...track 5.
And some drunk people outside