yes, i am wenderson
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2004-02-28 23:44:41 (UTC)


me and liz tried to pull a all nighter. im
tired.....SOOOOOOO tired.... fell asleep in a chair 4
it was really awesome. me and liz were picked up by falber
and we went to the longshore ice skating rink. blau, ryan,
and MC met up with us there, and we went ice skating! i
obviously suck at ice skating... so it took me forever to
go around the rink once. we went around the thing a few
times, then we went inside and got some food...FUNNEL CAKE
RULES! then we went back ice skating, and then blau and
ryan had to go camping...after like 20 min after they
left, we all just took off our skates and stuff and walked
over to the beach, and first we were skipping rocks. since
i didnt have much sleep, i layed down and my eyes were
blinded by the sun. then falber layed down. then MC came
over and layed down. hahaha.....then we had to go, and we
went to teh movies, and i fell asleep durring the whole