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2004-02-28 23:09:52 (UTC)

Material World

Went into town today with my friend Katie, being Bolton one
of the largest towns in Europe there was nothing to do. The
phrase “I like lad shopping” came from my friends’ mouth.
So we did.

Being a Saturday, it was busy. I’m the kind of person who
observes a lot of thing and then discuss, or in this case
moan about what I have seen. I happen to notice a lot of
people dress and look the same. But the best thing about is
that they spend a lot on clothing to look like this.

Clothing these days is expensive; I class myself a bargain
hunter in the clothing world. If I see something I like
look at the price tag and if its ridiculous place the item
straight down and move on. I’m not one of these people who
will just sit there staring at it, with the thoughts and
idea of how I can afford it. Don’t get me wrong I used to
be like that, I once purchased a “Rockport” knitted jumper
that set me back a good portion of my Christmas money.

This was a time when Rockport was a respected clothing
manufacturer and was rarely seen with the public. The
jumper I only wore on special occasions, i.e. presentation
events or birthdays, so it wasn’t many times I wore it. A
few months later, a cheaper version of the same jumper was
out. It was a jumper but not knitted. The jumper was never
worn it again since the era of scallies appeared and also
since then also never over paid for an item of clothing.

Just not worth it!