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2004-02-28 21:38:49 (UTC)

ya team

k well its saturday right not and i havent writen in like a
week and for people who dont know me or dont know this one
fact is that my sister is pregnant and shes having a boy so
im going to be an aunt! another thing is that my b- ball
team made it into playoffs and we kicked out facey and paul
kane to get there ya guys! but we play on monday at abj
thats exciteing to casue i think we can beat them! i should
be fun and at our last game againest paul kane there was
almost a fight it was awesome! some chick was bad mouthing
our team so kayley pushed her flat on her face and got a
penalty then kayley said somthing ot her and got a tecnical
foul and then they almost fought after the game it was
awesome she had to get held back and we were making jokes
all the way back to our school but we wont that one by like
20 points then the other one by about the same!! it was
awesome but my sis is here to visit so ill talk to u later!

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