Brad`s Journal
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2004-02-28 20:27:16 (UTC)


It Seems all my girlfriend and i do when we are together is
Fight. I am not sure exactly why we fight it`s just that we
get on each others nerves. One of the things that really
bothers me is that she tells everyone our business. I see
it like this a personal life is just that personal. But
when you tell other people who are outside of the
relationship what is going on it just bugs the hell out of
me. Now don`t get me wrong I Love My Girlfriend to death. I
wish her and I could be Like her Parents. Her Parents Are
In Love. I have never heard them say one bad thing to one
another. Her father is the definition of what a husband and
a Father should be. He is awesome he does everything around
that house I wish one day I can be just like him. I have
worries though that Christin and I are not going to make it
that far. I hope we do. It`s just I`m not sure of thing but
i think that some people have told her to get Rid of me. I
don`t know what to do if they have told her that cause if
they have then it`s really none of there business. There is
only one person who can make that decision and I am Afraid
that Christin will listen to those people. I just want to
have a regular relationship where people don`t talk about
one another behind each others back. I think that is also
happening. I hope I`m wrong. I want to have a Great
relationsip that lasts for a long time. I hope it turns out
that way. I hope we can work through these problems...