my crazy life!!! hehehe
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2004-02-28 19:54:53 (UTC)


well hey! whats up? me nm but just sitting here!!( like
always). but i am so tired bc we have softball all the time
and i am so sick of it!!! my ankle is so swollen bc coach
greg hit the ball at me on the pitchers mound and it hit my
ankle and let me tell u it hurts!! i have this big bump now
on my ankle and it is so ugly!!! but yea im really excited
about this guy! he just came to our school to play soccer!!
he is a senior and he is so fine !( let me tell ya) he is
really nice and i think were gonna hang out soon!! i might
go to wet n wild tomorrow bc it is only like 2 dollars!
woohoo!!! but ill let ya go and i ttyl!
love always,

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