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2004-02-28 19:17:46 (UTC)

Dads' Birthday!

I haven't written in a couple of days so I'll try to
remember what exciting things happend. Huh, I got new
classes at school and they seem to be fine. I don't have
any electives this tri so it's going to be hard. My
classes are: Spanish III, English III, Algebra II, Physics
and then US History. So When we got our books I had 5,
which sucked but luckily I don't have to take any to my
classes during the year. So, thats good. Last night was
Michelles Bridesmaids Dinner at Fridays in Plano. It was
Michelle, Nelly, Michelles Mom and half sister, and me. It
was pretty fun. We got there about 8 and left about 10 so
I didn't get to spend much time with Jacky that night.
Alex got home from his skiing trip at about 11 last night.
He had a blast and-believe it or not-he was a really good
skier. Duh. He's good at anything that requires physical
activity. Unlike me. Today is my dads birthday so mom
cooked him his favorite meal-red beans, cornbread, and
radishs. Since thats definitly not me or Alexs favorite
she also made maccorni and cheese for Alex and brocli and
cheese for me. So it turned out just find. We gave him a
TiVo and some shirts and also a wallet for his birthday.
That means.... MY BIRTHDAYS NEXT!! YEAH! March 18th is so
close I can smell it. Well, you know. Tomorrow is the
biggest fucking day! CHEAT DAY!!! Jacks taking me to
Cheesecake Factory for our 1 year and 6 month anniversary.
And I get to eat WHATEVER I want. So, I have decided to
get Corn Cakes for apetizer, Spicy Cashew Chicken for
dinner and a fucking Strawberry Shortcake for dessert.
Hell yea baby. I can't wait! Geez, thats like a million
carbs. I'm going to get sick most likely. And I'll probley
even throw it all up befor I can even get home but.. I
hope not. I've promised myslef, Jack and Stephanie that
I'm not going to throw up on purpose.. but I really wasn't
even thinking about that anyways. I can't wait tho. I'm
grounded to the house from 2-5 pm tonight because I was
the dumbass that cancled the cabel guy from coming out to
our house last weekend so I have to wait for him today.
Shitty. I tanned for 20 minutes this morning-I remember
last year being much darker once I got to 20 minutes. But
o well. I'll definitly write tomorrow night after
Cheesecake Factory to tell all the wonderful things I ate.