Hokwan dish~
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2004-02-28 17:34:26 (UTC)

Busy day!

Today is really busy! I have to done two project, one is
R.S, one is English! I use nearly whole day to do it! And i
went to learn violin, it's quite happy to see that teacher
(usually, i will not call her Miss, i just call her姐姐).
She's a nice person and it's quite happy to talk with her
too. We have got some same things are the same! But the
most different thing is she is more powerful, smart and
useful than me! She is good at Chinese, Maths, Physic, Chem
and Biology etc, and a lot of musical. She can play a lot
of musical instruments!For me,she is too powerful, just
like a superwomen!

But... I have no powerful to do anything and have a bad
mood too! Hai... although today is busy,unhappy, down and
boring. But, i still wear a smile on the face, because i
don't want anyone to know that i was unhappy! Even chatting
with my friend! i seems to be very happy and we become a
crazy girls, talking about crazy topic, but... did anyone
know that how do i feel and what did i think? Even my
parents, my sister, they also think i was happy and high!
but... it just the opposite of my heart and mood.Perhaps my
violin teacher can feel that, but... it's really hard to
pretended happy!

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